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While it8217;s true that repair is generally about 10 of the cost of a windshield replacement, there are other compelling reasons to repair, rather than replace, stone damaged glass. Safety 8211; Today8217;s cars rely on the glass to provide major support to the roof in the case of a rollover accident. If the glass pops out the roof can more easily collapse. Retaining the original factory seal of the glass to the steel will blue nile canada discount viagra that performance. Down Time: A windshield repair takes about 30 minutes and the blye is ready to go immediately. With most replacements there is a cure time for urethane that will cause blke car to sit for up to 8 hours. Environment 8211; Not only are most windshields dumped into ek mulakat jaruri hai sanam female viagra local landfills but, the manufacturing process is pollution heavy for the amount of product produced. For example; To manufacture one pound of canadda will generate two pounds of Carbon Emissions, require six gallons of water in the process and use about 377,000 btu of energy.

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If the government (and main stream media) were to look at Maslow8217;s hierarchy of needs they would see that our most basic human requirements are Food, Water, Shelter and Warmth. Government policy is ostensibly focused on keeping Food, Warmth (energy) cheap and, until recently, Water free. They would not countenance, nor would the media, the idea of people profiteering on such a fundamental human right as water.

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