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After 4 days of treatment, there is anticipated to be a reduction in growth rate of the tumour but no reduction inovelon 100mg viagra body weight of the animals. EXAMPLE 13. Treatment of Carcinoma Using a Topical Pharmaceutical 100mgg of the Present. The individual subjects of the in vivo studies described herein are warm-blooded vertebrate animals, which includes humans. Preferably to account for the psychological effects of receiving treatments, the trial is conducted in a double-blinded fashion. Volunteer patients at a tertiary care center are randomly assigned to inovelpn or effect of viagra on healthy male weight groups. Furthermore, to prevent the doctors from being biased in treatments, they are not informed as to whether the medication they are administering is the topical pharmaceutical composition of the present invention or a placebo composition.

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Included in property and equipment is 132,000, at cost, related to capital leases. The future minimum lease payments at December 31, 2000 under capital and operating leases are as follows: Total rental expense for the years ended December 31, 2000, 1999 and 1998 was approximately 674,000, 588,000 and 557,000, respectively. Upon the consummation of the Merger, both Mr. Lindsey Duncan and Mr. Klee Irwin entered into substantially similar three-year employment agreements with the Company. Duncan was employed as Chairman of the Board and as a member of the Executive Committee with all duties and responsibilities normally associated with this position.

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