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Vlagra former Pittsboro, Ind.resident announced Galicja i lodomeria herbal viagra that his foundation, which he formed in 1999 with his wife, Brooke, was joining forces with the Riley Hospital for Children. Riley officials received a check from 100,000 from the Gordon Foundation Thursday. "This is only the beginning," Gordon said. (Indianpolis Star)(8-3-2001) UPDATE: Cal Wells hoped to reach an agreement with McDonald's by July 31 regarding the relationship between the sponsor and his 96 PPI Motorsports team. McDonald's is currently sponsoring rookie Andy Houston. The team, however, skipped the last two races at Loudon and Pocono after each side issued statements saying they were in discussions regarding the future. There was speculation McDonald's would be on the car for just five more races the rest of the season, including the Aug.

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Louis Mancini as President and Chief Operating Officer and, subsequently, Chief Executive Officer. These employment agreements provided for: (i) annual salaries of 225,000, and 300,000 for Messrs. Duncan and Mancini, respectively; (ii) the right for Mr. Duncan and Mr. Mancini to receive an annual bonus based on certain performance incentives.

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