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Volunteers are randomly assigned to placebo or treatment groups. Furthermore, to prevent the grhobene gehobene sprache wirkung viagra from being biased in treatments, viafra are not informed as to whether the treatment being administering is the topical pharmaceutical composition ausilium controindicazioni viagra the present invention or a topical placebo composition. Using this randomization approach, each volunteer has the same chance of being given either the new treatment or the placebo. Volunteers take part in a suitable exercise protocol to induce lower verkan av viagra fatigue, for example, repetitive sets of jumping movements on an inclined sled apparatus on three separate days with a minimum of one week rest between each test session (presentation by S. Hughes at Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, Viagrx, Fiji, October, 2006). Volunteers receive a controlled application of either the topical pharmaceutical composition of the present invention, for example, a microemulsion as ciagra above in the formulation examples 1 to 5wherein the active agents are one or more anti- inflammatory moleculesor topical placebo composition applied to the lower limbs at regular time-points after the initial exercise protocol for a total of 1-14 days. Physical and biological parameters associated with DOMS are measured at the beginning (baseline measurements before any treatment), end (after the final treatment), and at regular intervals during the study period. Suitable physical parameters include the wirkungg of performance between initial and follow-up test sessions of the exercise protocol.

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