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COM. On May 22, 2000, we executed an asset purchase agreement to purchase selected assets of HealthShop. com, or Healthshop, an Internet business retailer of nutritional supplements and health related products for a prempak c 1 25mg viagra price of 3,500,000, comprar viagra online generico wrestler in 838,951 shares of our common stock. We are obligated to issue up to an additional 250,000 shares contingent upon the sellers meeting certain performance measures during the one year period from the closing date. We also entered into consulting agreements with prsmpak former shareholders and executives of Healthshop. com and issued options to purchase an aggregate of 250,000 shares of our common stock in connection therewith. Healthshop and the former shareholders and executives of Healthshop were granted piggyback registration rights with respect to the shares and the shares underlying the options granted by us in connection with this transaction. If the registration statement required to be filed pursuant to the January 24, 2000 private placement is not filed within 60 days after May 18, 2000, we agree to file a registration statement covering the securities granted in connection with this transaction within viagr days thereafter. Substantially all of the operating assets of Healthshop were sold to Vitacost.

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It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that some of the above means of achieving sustained-release may be combined, for example a matrix containing the active compound may be formed into a multiparticulate andor coated with an impermeable coating provided with an aperture. Pulsatile-release formulations release the active compound after a sustained period of time following administration of the dosage form to the patient. The release may then be in the form of immediate- or sustained-release. This delay may be achieved by releasing the drug at particular points in the gastro-intestinal tract or by releasing drug after a pre-determined time.

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