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More about auto glass safety and improper windshield replacement. We8217;ve mentioned how windshield repair is more than a money saver in our first blog post, and one reason is due to the safety functions of the windshield and factory seal. Here8217;s some more to think about8230; The Urethane Seal that keeps your windshield in your vehicle creates a bond so strong that the vehicle designers use it to help hold the roof up. Glass is very strong and much lighter than steel, so since the 708217;s auto companies have used more glass and less steel to help support the roof. The upside is increased gas mileage, but the downside is that in the case of a roll over accident, the roof is much weaker if the urethane seal is compromised. It is very difficult to replicate the factory seal and oftentimes a replaced windshield will be ejected in an accident, allowing the roof to crush an occupant.

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